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The Cover Project + Universal Game Cases = OCD Geek Heaven!

I just found my new compulsive hobby!
I’m a bit of a freak and I hate to have games without boxes, manuals or covers. In fact I won’t buy an old game without these. That said even with the complete package you have to admit that the NES sleeves kinda suck, the SNES and GBA cardboard is a bit bland and so on and so forth…

In comes the Universal Game Case which, as the name applies, is a universal case for Genesis, NES, SNES… about the size of an old VHS… ($42 for 100 on this site).

But it gets even better is when you add The Cover Project to the mix which basically makes custom covers based on original NES, SNES and everything in between games made to fit Universal Game Cases.

And the result of that is this greatness:


Also you can do the same thing for you GBA collection by grabbing DS cases off of the Nintendo website ($7 for 10) which ends up looking like this:


The collection pics do not belong to me.

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Blizzard Working on Redneck Rampage??

redneckO.K. I know exactly what you brain is doing right now. Blizzard = Polished, high quality, serious titles. Redneck Rampage = mayhem, complete lunacy.

Blizzard + Redneck Rampage =….. Does Not Compute.

Well my friends, things are not as they seem.
Redneck Rampage was developed in 1998 by Interplay. Later the rights to the franchise were bought, in 2004, by Vivendi Universal. The game ended up landing at Blizzard.

O.K. so that’s a start but the real kicker is this. Several of Blizzard employees actually worked on Redneck Rampage, including the Senior Producer for The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Level Designer for the defunct StarCraft: Ghost.

So is this all completely crazy? maybe but it’ll certainly be fun to watch.

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