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Tuesday October 14, 2008

Game of the Moment (for me)

I don’t know if this will be an ongoing thing but I wanted to speak it this time.
Dead Space!
I wasn’t overly excited at first since I much prefer the FPS kind where you fight humans but now that I’m seeing reviews and such I am getting very excited. This feels like a very claustrophobic game not unlike the great Sci-Fi movies like Alien or Sunshine. The sound design sounds plain superb with the muffled deafness of space. The integrated menu which keeps you immersed is genius.
Bottom line this looks like….the Game of the Moment!
Check out the GameSpot review here.

Former Flagship Members Head to Turbine

Back in July when Flagship Studios shut down and a lot of people had to leave ship and went to create new studio Runic Games.
Today Turbine announced that they will open a new branch called Turbine West and that former Flagship Studios members Dave Brevik and Jeff Lind will be joining the West branch.
Specific details about the projects they will work on have not been announced.

Starcraft II Is a….Trilogy?

When Rob Pardo said that StarCraft II was going to be a big game he wasn’t kidding. It’s so big in fact that the game will be released in three parts, each focusing on one faction of the game and each having close to 30 missions.
The first game will focus on the Humans and be called Wings of Liberty. The second will focus on the Zerg and be called Heart of the Swarm and finally the last one will focus on the Protoss and be named Legacy of the Void.
Now let’s hope they don’t price each at $60 because that would be pushing it… just a bit.

FIFA 09 Is Rocking Europe

We all know soccer is much more appreciated in Europe but can’t deny the quality of this new EA game. FIFA 09 sold more than 1.2 million copies in just a week.
With Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 coming out we can expect some good times for soccer fans this year.

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Friday August 1, 2008

LotR Online : Mine of Moria Comes Out of the Shadows

Turbine unveiled today some nice, albeit scare, goodies for their first expansion to the famous MMO. Along with a short trailer the studio posted a few very nice artworks.
The expansion is set to be released this Fall.

QuakeCon 2008 Summary

  • New Wolfenstein trailer released
  • New Rage trailer released. The game is set to come out ……before 2011!
  • Wolfenstein and Doom II RPG announced for mobile phones
  • Doom 4 set to need huge capacity and show amazing graphics as usual. Also as usual, when it’s done!

Night Watcher Comes to Light

Akella studio is working on a new point & click game as seems to be the trend but they have stated that their game will be darker than the competition, taking inspiration from Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father or The Black Mirror. Could the game be the adptation of the Russian novel Night Watch? Which was already turned into a film in 2004?
You will play the role of a journalist looking for his lost friend in a retired Russian town. The game is set to be about 15 hours and will feature some action scenes (as shown in one of the screenshots). Let’s hope it turns out to be as good as the Gabriel Knights games.

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