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Team ICO’s Project Trico Leaked?

featureprojecttricoNow this next bit can be filed under the “yeah fake!!!” or “wow potential real” category.

PlayStation LifeStyle got (somehow) the first possible footage of the new project from Team ICO. The developers had been announcing their game for a while with potential trailer coming at last year’s TGS and then this year’s GDC. So of course everyone is now expecting it to hit E3 in a few days.

But what leaked last night is unexpected. For starters the source is odd and doens’t name any details but the quality of the trailer (if it’s a fake) is mighty impressive. The art and animation is clearly of the caliber of the series but the textures are a bit low and the sound when the beast gawks seems…”foreign”. to me it feels like the sound is added on top and doesn’t feel like it’s coming out of the guts of the animal.
The music also appears to be a track from Miller’s Crossing.

So it is indeed hard to tell. SCEA is obviously in hardcore “no comment” and denial mode so we will have to wait a few days for E3 where we will hopefully finally have more info from Fumito Ueda.

Update: It appears that the trailer has been confirmed as legit. I was shown to several journalists behind closed doors more than a year ago. It seems to be a pre-alpha state.

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