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SEGA Unveils New 2D Sonic in HD!!!

The game is known as Project Needlemouse and is set to release in 2010. Aside from this the trailer doesn’t reveal a whole lot. It seems SEGA wants to bring it back to bring Sonic back from the brink of death with an old school 2D design in flashy HD.

This is obviously great news but we’ll have to see more to know how it pans out.

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Genesis Turns 20!!!!!

Happy birthday old friend!!

It feels like yesterday and yet it was so long ago.


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Yakuza 3 Is Not Leaving Japan…Or Is It?

yakuza_3_logoYou can now cry for good reason. The great Yakuza series has had a ton of success in Japan but in the U.S. it’s a bit more complicated. The first game came to North America in September 2006 (about a year after Japan) but the game only featured English dub which didn’t fit the Tokyo setting so fans were a bit disappointed.

Two years later SEGA listened and released the sequel with Japanese voices and English subtitles… but the game sold very poorly despite critical praise. So now SEGA doesn’t think it is worth it to bother translating the game since it probably will sell very poorly again.

The problem I believe lies more with marketing, the Yakuza games were never greatly advertised, hell I only heard about them about a year ago or so. I am pretty sure there are a lot of people who have discovered the series recently and are planning to buy Yakuza 2, if not 1, to try it out.

It’s a real shame Yakuza 3 will most likely never make it here, especially since SEGA just announced Yakuza 4… which we will probably never see either.

Edit: Apparently the “no American release” is not an “official SEGA Statement” so there is still hope!

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AVP Marine Trailer!

Do SO Want! NOW!

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New Aliens Vs. Predator Screens and Teaser

SEGA unveiled their new AvP game with a few screenshots and a nice little teaser. From what we can see so far the game is coming along really well. I really like the stylized art of the screens and the teaser sets the mood nicely.

The game is developed by Rebellion who worked on the orignal Alien Vs. Predator game in 1999. It will apparently be part of a series of Alien-based titles that SEGA bought the rights to from 20th Century Fox.

You will be able to play through three seperate campaigns for the Space Marine, Alien and Predator which will interconnect. There will also be a 3-way multiplayer mode to slay each other to our hearts content.

The game is set to release on PS3, 360 and PC in early 2010.

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NIS Will Distribute Sakura Taisen in the U.S.

20081218saktaivFor more than 10 years now we’ve been waiting for someone to bring us a Sakura Taisen (know in the West as Sakura Wars) game. A decade later most of us were pretty much resigned to at best import the Japanese versions and use thousand of pages of script translation.

Well fear not my friends for the day has come, at last. NIS America (my rapidly becoming #1 developer) has decided to bring Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love (Sakura Taisen V ~ Sarabada, Itoshiki Hito yo) to us unworthy Westerners on the Wii and PS2 this fall.

What makes this even cooler is that as usual with NIS we can expect dual voice-overs. Something which every developer should be doing by default!

Sakura Wars V was….. *drum roll*, the fifth in the series so it’ll be interesting to see if NIS America plans to brings us the other instalments of the series. Please pretty please?

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The Cover Project + Universal Game Cases = OCD Geek Heaven!

I just found my new compulsive hobby!
I’m a bit of a freak and I hate to have games without boxes, manuals or covers. In fact I won’t buy an old game without these. That said even with the complete package you have to admit that the NES sleeves kinda suck, the SNES and GBA cardboard is a bit bland and so on and so forth…

In comes the Universal Game Case which, as the name applies, is a universal case for Genesis, NES, SNES… about the size of an old VHS… ($42 for 100 on this site).

But it gets even better is when you add The Cover Project to the mix which basically makes custom covers based on original NES, SNES and everything in between games made to fit Universal Game Cases.

And the result of that is this greatness:


Also you can do the same thing for you GBA collection by grabbing DS cases off of the Nintendo website ($7 for 10) which ends up looking like this:


The collection pics do not belong to me.

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Yu Suzuki Steps Down at Sega

20080610yusuzukiThe legendary game creator has been pretty much out of the limelight for a while but Sega Sammy has announced that Suzuki San will be stepping down from his role as R&D Creative Officer for the company. He will however remain as an R&D Manager for the AM Plus Division.

AM Plus develops arcade games which could be a nice fit for the arcade 80s genius.

In the past Yu Suzuki created such arcade classics as Hang-On, Out Run, Space Harrier and After Burner. Then he went on to create Virtua Fighter and most recently Shenmue.

We are still hoping, fingers crossed for a Shenmue III but it cannot be denied that the day Yu Suzuki leaves the gaming world will be a sad day.

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Love Letter to Video Game Magazines

Some of you may have heard of Retroware TV, an amazing website filled with quality content on older games. You may also know that I do the RetroBeats show on there which focuses on game soundtracks.


But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. The new RWTV episode was released today and focuses on video game magazines from the past and also present. The video is a heartfelt look at something that touched us all before the Internet was born. Browsing through the pages and an old Nintendo Power gives to many the same feeling as plugging in our NES to play our favorite childhood games.

I won’t go on for pages but do yourself a favor and check out this video. You will most likely thank me.

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