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Arcade UFO in Austin, TX


Arcades are a dying breed in the US. In fact they been almost extinct for a long while now. What most of us can rely on these days amounts to nothing more than pretty pathetic Dave & Buster… unless you’re lucky enough to live near one of those last samurai of an age long gone.

But even then you are not safe. Tokyo Game Action in Winchendon, MA was such a bastion. It was the first (or at the very least one of the first) arcades to import Street Fighter IV, it had a bevy of rhythm games, they held tournaments often, everything was in pristine condition, the wife of the owner made wonderful Japanese meals you could buy on location and most of all they did a lot for the community.

But then weather hit and the place was flooded, in essence killing the arcade. T’was a sad day as one of the last samurai had been vanquished.

But today I want to talk about another arcade, one just North of UT called Arcade UFO. Destructoid posted a very interesting interview of Ryan Harvey, the owner of the place.

Make sure you check it out and if you live in the area go in and enjoy a slice of Japan on USĀ  soil.

Arcade UFO’s Ryan Harvey Interview

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