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RetroBeats Special: Chris Hülsbeck!!


Well guys it’s a big one!!! this we have a special RetroBeats on the amazing Chris Hulsbeck. A huge 17 track session to showcase the range and talent!!
Included are Turrican, Jim Power, Star Wars, Great Giana Sisters and many more.

This session was created to go along a great interview from Benzaie, of That Guy With the Glasses, of the German composer.

Be sure to go check it out on RetrowareTV.

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Wednesday August 6, 2008

RetroBeats Session 10 Out!

This week I’m taking care of the fans with a special request episode.
Special thanks to the amazing Youtube show The Music of Video Games which helped me a lot with this one.

Left 4 Dead on PS3?

The last issue of Official Playstation Magazine announced that the game would come out on the Sony console (the game is only scheduled for 360 and PC so far) but Doug Lombardi from Valve denied everything in heartbeat. With so much smoke there must be a fire no?

Gears of Wars 2 Light

In order to appease all the angry people who don’t understand that when a game is rated ‘M’ for mature it means it’s intended for mature audiences and not your 10 year old Epic Games has put an option in the game which will replace all the blood by sparks and remove all beheading and amputations.
A good initiative if there ever was one.

Valve Looking to Be Bought??

In the “Woah!” news of the week Gamasutra interviewed Doug Lombardi who said that while Valve was doing well he would be open to discuss acquisition from other companies.

Warhammer Online Dated and Priced

Mythic Entertainment has finally given an official release date for the game, September 18, which isn’t to far from the speculated date of September 23 that was revealed a few days ago.
The studio also released the price options for the game which are overall pretty standard giving players the option to subscribe for 1, 3 or 6 months for a price of E12.99, E35.97 or E65.94 respectively. there will also be 60 days prepaid cards available for E29.99.
On top of this all the standard version of the game will be available for pre-order for 5 euros starting August 28 and Mythic promised that all these pre-orders will have an early access key for the game. Fear of the Age of Conan backlash?

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