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Lionhead to Unveal new IP at E3?

92478337_9dfc57b8e5In a recent interview with Gamespot UK at GDC 2009, the man who needs no introduction a.k.a. Peter Molyneux seemed very excited about a new project and the technology involved with it.
Obviously he didn’t get into details but hinted we might see more soon.

In comes Andrew Lindsay, animation director at Lionhead and a Swansea Metropolitan University student’s Twitter. It gets a bit complicated but basically industry people often got o universities to make speeches and such. So it would seem that Andrew Lindsay went to SMU and talked a bit about their new project, confirming its existence and saying it would be shown at E3.
They also display some tech demo on skin quality, lighting and facial expression.

Apparently both Lionhead and Microsoft are both in “No Comment” mode but the ‘rumor’ seems legit and well E3 is getting that much more exciting!

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