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Good Old Games Adds Ubisoft to Catalog

9c5568cfade677ebce1a9acb1c390a5ef41627a9The great Polish website for DRM-free PC games just added some Ubisoft games to their catalog. Right now you can get Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Beyond Good and Evil and IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946.

Soon you sill also be able to get Heroes of Might and Magic, Far Cry, Ghost Recon and Rainbox Six.

All games are priced at $9.99 and like I mentioned before are DRM-free XP and Vista compatible.

So again if you haven’t checked it go on Good Old Games and enjoy.

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EGM Is Dead….

Back from Holidays in France and I have a sad news. Electronic Gaming Monthly, which launched in March 1989, will stop production.

This month’s January issue will be the last published, stopping short of their 20th anniversary. Ziff Davis, their publishing company, sold the 1UP Network to Hearst Corporation’s UGO Entertainment but EGM wasn’t part of the deal do to overlapping of staff.

EGM isn’t the first to end though. In 2004 Ziff Davis ended publication of XBN, in 2006 they stopped the Official US PlayStation Magazine and last year Games for Windows Magazine (former Computer Gaming World) went under.

These are grim times and it’s sad to see all these old publications from our youth disappear. The Internet will not be denied.

Birth: May 1989 454px-egm0011 Death: January 2009 lastegmcover586_screen

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Two Free Games On!

I already talked about Good Old Games a few months back (see here). It is a very noble endeavor by Polish CDProjekt to propose old games for $5-10 that are entirely compatible with XP and Vista and DRM-free.

That being said they just released two old school point ‘n’ click for download, entirely for free!
These two games are Beneath a Steel Sky and the infamous Lure of the Temptress, both developed by Revolution Software.

In order to enjoy these classics just head over to Good Old Games (see the link on my sidebar) and download the games.

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Square Enix Moves to L.A.

square_enix_logoThe new generation of consoles has brought a new direction for the RPG giant, aside from merging the two biggest RPG developers in the world it has tried to befriend the Occident.
Indeed several Japanese developers have realized that Japan isn’t as thriving as it used to be and they would benefit from westernizing themselves a little. As a result Square Enix has developed games exclusively for the Xbox 360 (Lost Odyssey, The Last Remnant and Final Fantasy XIII). It was also recently announced in a surprinsing news that they would publish Gas Powered Game’s sequel to the big RTS hit Supreme Commander.

And the latest to come is that the Japanese developer will open an office in El Segundo, CA. Though the office existed before it was only an administrative hub. It is building a whole new development team that will be working on a brand new action-oriented IP game which will likely be a 360 exclusive.

No other info has been released so far concerning the game.

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Naughty Dog Alumns Ready for WiiWare

banner_03For those of you who remember, Naughty Dog released their first breakout game and took the PlayStation world by storm. In 1996 Crash Bandicoot came out and was such a huge success that Crash almost became the console mascot. Since then they created the great Jak and Daxter series and the successful Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for the PS3.

A year and a half ago two former Naughty Dog employees, Jason Hughes and Andrew Gilmour, went on to create Steel Penny Games. Their first game will be called Bruiser & Scratch, a puzzle game that will be available next month on the WiiWare service.

monkey_day_holycrap monkey_night_board monkey_night_wins sky_day_introcamera sky_night_longslidesky_night_story_odus spooky_day_deadend

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Push Start

Welcome to NostalGeek!

On this gaming blog I will cover various aspects of the gaming industry:

  • Gaming News updated on a daily basis
  • Game Reviews when I complete a game
  • Tech News that relate to games
  • Game Merchandise
  • Random Musings on the industry and more…

I’ll try to give out as much info as I can without being too detailed and will give you my feelings on stories when I feel it deserves it.

Of course I welcome any comment or suggestions to help improve NostalGeek.

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