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Yu Suzuki Steps Down at Sega

20080610yusuzukiThe legendary game creator has been pretty much out of the limelight for a while but Sega Sammy has announced that Suzuki San will be stepping down from his role as R&D Creative Officer for the company. He will however remain as an R&D Manager for the AM Plus Division.

AM Plus develops arcade games which could be a nice fit for the arcade 80s genius.

In the past Yu Suzuki created such arcade classics as Hang-On, Out Run, Space Harrier and After Burner. Then he went on to create Virtua Fighter and most recently Shenmue.

We are still hoping, fingers crossed for a Shenmue III but it cannot be denied that the day Yu Suzuki leaves the gaming world will be a sad day.

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RetroBeats Session 16-18!


For those of you who missed them I’ve released 3 new sessions on Retroware TV. I’ve covered some more rock-oriented tracks, several arcade classics from our past and more recently a little special on Street Fighter IV.

For those interested for the next several sessions I’m going to change the formula just a tad and focus on RPGs in a somewhat chronological order. I hope you’ll enjoy.

In any case go check it out.

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