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Square Enix Moves to L.A.

square_enix_logoThe new generation of consoles has brought a new direction for the RPG giant, aside from merging the two biggest RPG developers in the world it has tried to befriend the Occident.
Indeed several Japanese developers have realized that Japan isn’t as thriving as it used to be and they would benefit from westernizing themselves a little. As a result Square Enix has developed games exclusively for the Xbox 360 (Lost Odyssey, The Last Remnant and Final Fantasy XIII). It was also recently announced in a surprinsing news that they would publish Gas Powered Game’s sequel to the big RTS hit Supreme Commander.

And the latest to come is that the Japanese developer will open an office in El Segundo, CA. Though the office existed before it was only an administrative hub. It is building a whole new development team that will be working on a brand new action-oriented IP game which will likely be a 360 exclusive.

No other info has been released so far concerning the game.

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