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Update and Status

Well anyone who has been on my site for the past several months has notice a “lack” of updates and news (understatement I know).

I just wanted to let you know I haven’t given up on the site but I found a job in December and have been pretty busy since. This leaves me little time for leisure and as you may imagine when I have a few hours for myself on the weekend I’d rather play a game (right now inFAMOUS which is really cool) than update the site.

Also this site, in my eyes, deserves better. One update per week won’t do it and it needs to be updated daily. Trust me I really wanted to bring you all a nice succint coverage of E3 which was awesome this year but I couldn’t.

Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to come back to this but in the meantime you can find comfort in knowing that I’m thinking about you 😉

Thanks to everyone who visits!

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Monkey Island 2 on CryEngine

This is just for fun but you got to appreciate the labor of love and the ambiance in the video. Michael Land’s music helps a lot of course.

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Inglorious Plumbers!

Excellent video! And on a side note I saw the movie this weekend and it’s brilliant! Go see it!

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Orioto’s Amazing Game Art

Thanks to Destructoid today I stumbled upon this gorgeous art from Orioto, a Paris-based French artist, Cocorico!

He puts his on spin on various famous games such as Sonic, Mario, Castlevania, Final Fantasy VI, Metroid, Another World, Ecco the Dolphin, Lemmings and more…

Some of this stuff is so gorgeous it’s worth framing in your gameroom.

Bravo Mikael, continue parcequ’on adore!

Another_World_by_Orioto-noscale Big_Blue_by_Orioto-noscale Crystal_Catacomb_by_Orioto-noscale DKC_by_Orioto-noscale Group_Work_by_Orioto-noscale Ice_Climber_by_Orioto-noscale Land_Sorrow_by_Orioto-noscale Lava_Ballad_by_Orioto-noscale Nazca_River_Jungle_by_Orioto-noscale Prisonniere_by_Orioto-noscale Smooth_Criminal_by_Orioto-noscale Speleology__s_Friends_by_Orioto-noscale Stardust_Speedway_by_Orioto-noscale Toxic_Planet_by_Orioto-noscale Up_in_the_sky_by_Orioto-noscale

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New Feature: NostalGeek’s Radio

shoutcastIf you look to the right I’ve added NostalGeek’s Radio. This is basically a broadcast of whatever I’m playing.

It will not be a 24/7 radio, i will mostly play during the week between 9am and 6-7pm. I will play all genres across the board from video games soundtracks to house, hip hop, metal, pop, jazz…. really anything I feel like.

So if you want to check it feel free in between each session of RetroBeats.

Head over to NostalGeek’s Radio.

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The Game OverThinker Educates Non-Gamers

Now some of you may already know the Game OverThinker and most of you probably hold everything he mentions in this video as truth. But what i find great about this video is that it is the perfect thing to show anyone who doubts or doesn’t understand video games.

As usual his videos are eloquent and well put out, if a little fast on delivery and with a few curse words. This time though he makes a point, due to his audience for this specific video, to be polite (read PG) and clear in speech.

I recommend anyone to forward this video to anyone who may not have a grasp on the industry we love. Whether they be your parents, girlfriend, wife, mightier-than-thou friend…. spread the word!

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Are Gamers This Young?

Today’s poll on GameFAQs asks a pretty regular question “which classic EA-owned property would you most like to see new games from?

As you can see it’s a pretty normal poll….until you see the results. The question included such classics as Wing Commander, Populous, Ultima… and more than 1/3 said they had never heard of these games!!

So I’m left to wonder if gamers lack this much knowledge about there industry or if everyone who answered today was 12 years old.


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Arcade UFO in Austin, TX


Arcades are a dying breed in the US. In fact they been almost extinct for a long while now. What most of us can rely on these days amounts to nothing more than pretty pathetic Dave & Buster… unless you’re lucky enough to live near one of those last samurai of an age long gone.

But even then you are not safe. Tokyo Game Action in Winchendon, MA was such a bastion. It was the first (or at the very least one of the first) arcades to import Street Fighter IV, it had a bevy of rhythm games, they held tournaments often, everything was in pristine condition, the wife of the owner made wonderful Japanese meals you could buy on location and most of all they did a lot for the community.

But then weather hit and the place was flooded, in essence killing the arcade. T’was a sad day as one of the last samurai had been vanquished.

But today I want to talk about another arcade, one just North of UT called Arcade UFO. Destructoid posted a very interesting interview of Ryan Harvey, the owner of the place.

Make sure you check it out and if you live in the area go in and enjoy a slice of Japan on US  soil.

Arcade UFO’s Ryan Harvey Interview

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I Dream in Retro by Mike Richards

This is one of the most brilliant videos I’ve seen in a long time! A great fit of editing and animation. Check it out now!

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A Letter to RPG Fans From RPGFan

Quite appropriately RPGFan posted an editorial letter regarding the experience that we RPG players face. It is quite enjoyable so I thought I’d share it with you.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I’ve been playing RPGs for as long as I can remember, starting with Final Fantasy I. They’re my favorite genre of games. I’ve beaten well over a hundred of them, and I have easily sunk more time into RPGs than I have into all the other games I’ve ever played of any other genre combined. And when I share this simple observation with my friends who have been able to strike a healthier balance between their RPGs, their platformers, their puzzle games, etc., they ask me: “do you even enjoy playing games at this point?”

That’s a valid question. And I think it’s a question that any frequent RPG player (particularly the MMORPG enthusiast) needs to ask. Is this leisure, or is it mere habit at this point?

After some serious soul-searching, I have come to the conclusion that there are times when I’m playing an RPG that I’m not having fun, but I’ll keep playing it. Due to their nature (the epic story-telling, the linear plot, the grand scope and scale) there are going to be times that the game just isn’t enjoyable. But you push through, maybe for ten or more hours, because there’s something exciting waiting on the other side. Or, at least, you hope so. After all, If the ending is also unsatisfying, then it was truly a wasted effort.

That is, of course, what separates most role-playing games from any other genre: the amount of time you sink into a single “playthrough.” For many action-based platformers, if you’re not having fun within the first hour, you probably aren’t going to have any fun at all. And if you play it for a few hours, and the game loses its fun factor at some point, you probably won’t feel any emotional discomfort from putting down the game and never returning. Not so with RPGs, where character development is heavily emphasized, and the dangling carrot of “good things to come” keeps you going. We RPG fans do tend to prefer delayed gratification over short-term, immediate gratification.

Another observation I must make, of course, is the trend towards real-time combat in RPGs. More and more, RPGs are jumping ship from traditional, turn-based, menu-driven combat to systems that look more and more like a 3D action adventure. Final Fantasy XII demonstrated this jump well, and games like Magna Carta, .hack//G.U., and the Tales series all continue to grow in popularity because they are so action-oriented. The only major franchise that remains true to its steadfast turn-based roots to this day is Dragon Quest. There were rumors that Dragon Quest IX would be an Action RPG, but such rumors were unfounded.

Of course, a fun experience does not require real-time action, nor does real-time action guarantee a good time. Strategy/Tactical RPGs remain largely menu-based and slow in nature, though we’ve seen more and more RTS/RPG hybrids in the past few years, and these games require a quick-thinking brain for all of their micromanagement and strategy.

Even with these changes in the nature of the genre, delayed gratification is still the name of the game. The typical RPG, be it Japanese or Western, will involve gaining experience points and slowly working towards what is hopefully some decent endgame content, with exciting bonuses accompanying your mastery of skills or magic spells, and an exciting conclusion to a large-scale plot. But if the return on your time investment is poor, there’s nothing you can do. You’ll have played and beaten an entirely un-fun game. This rarely happens to fans of platformers, FPS titles, or puzzle games. So there’s a greater risk with RPGs in finding anything enjoyable. But when you find it… in my opinion, the reward is great indeed.

Patrick Gann

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