Don’t Hate the Game, Hate the Player

Okamiden Will Be on the DS…….

Which is really frustrating to me.

I really only play my DS when I’m travelling or when I don’t have consoles or PC available. To me the DS is a great system But I can only play it in short bursts mostly so all these RPGs coming out on the console are my bane!

Add to that the fact that even if the console can produce great graphics you still have to deal with a 4″ screen and tiny speakers. The Wii is struggling to have good “hardcore” games and yet all those games are coming on the portable.

I understand that the DS is selling insanely well and that probably one of the big reasons. I also know that the Japanese spend a lot of time commuting and so they like to have RPGs on the DS. But wouldn’t you have liked Dragon Quest IX, Okamiden, all those lengthy RPGs…..even Chinatown Wars on the Wii instead (or even better “also”)??

At least I would have turned the console on in the past year if it had been so.


Image courtesy of Destructoid

September 1, 2009 - Posted by | DS News |

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