Don’t Hate the Game, Hate the Player

Genesis Turns 20!!!!!

Happy birthday old friend!!

It feels like yesterday and yet it was so long ago.


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The Game OverThinker Educates Non-Gamers

Now some of you may already know the Game OverThinker and most of you probably hold everything he mentions in this video as truth. But what i find great about this video is that it is the perfect thing to show anyone who doubts or doesn’t understand video games.

As usual his videos are eloquent and well put out, if a little fast on delivery and with a few curse words. This time though he makes a point, due to his audience for this specific video, to be polite (read PG) and clear in speech.

I recommend anyone to forward this video to anyone who may not have a grasp on the industry we love. Whether they be your parents, girlfriend, wife, mightier-than-thou friend…. spread the word!

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