Don’t Hate the Game, Hate the Player

Are Gamers This Young?

Today’s poll on GameFAQs asks a pretty regular question “which classic EA-owned property would you most like to see new games from?

As you can see it’s a pretty normal poll….until you see the results. The question included such classics as Wing Commander, Populous, Ultima… and more than 1/3 said they had never heard of these games!!

So I’m left to wonder if gamers lack this much knowledge about there industry or if everyone who answered today was 12 years old.


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  1. The average video game player is 33 or 35. Those who voted for the last category may have heard of some of the games, but have never played them. No one will vote for a game they’ve never played.

    I’m 28 and was glued to video games from 1987 to 1996, and only Ultima, Populous, and Wing Commander ring a bell. But I never played any of them. I just looked up all of EA’s games on Wikipedia, and I’ve never played any of them aside from Skate or Die for the Nintendo. I didn’t see any superstar series from the classic age.

    That’s why no one voted for those games — they weren’t good enough to break into popular consciousness, probably because they suck.

    Comment by agnostic | August 16, 2009 | Reply

    • Well you know I’m in a fairly similar situation, I’m 29 and have been playing games since 1987. The thing is the last answer says “never heard of any of these games” it’s not “never played any of those games”.
      Now I can understand if you’ve never played any that you’d be hesitant to pick one particular game but personally even though in this list I’ve only played Road Rash, I know what those other games are about and I know what I’d like to see a remake of most.

      Now to say that these games probably suck is a bit vindictive. Populous launched the whole God-genre on it’s own. Ultima is widely considered to be the game that launched the whole RPG genre along with Wizardry. Road Rash was a very fun arcade game back in the Genesis era and Wing Commander is a great series in its own right.

      I think the problem is that almost all of those games a PC centric and so some people may have never heard of them.

      Comment by nostalgeek | August 16, 2009 | Reply

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