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Level 5 and Brownie Brown Announce Fantasy Life

Yesterday developer Level 5 held it’s annual event, Level 5 Vision, in Tokyo where they announced a new RPG called Fantasy Life. The Nintendo DS game is actually being developed by Brownie Brown (of Mother 3 fame) while Level 5 will handle the planning.

It was announced that Square Enix musical genius Nobuo Uematsu will compose the soundtrack for the game which will be a slower paced RPG in which you won’t have to fight to gain experience. The player can select from 20 “lives” at the beginning of the game and Uematsu is composing a theme for each life’s ending.

Other news at the event include the delay of Ghibli’s Ni no Kuni into 2010 and the announcement of a new new Professor Layton trilogy of which the first game, Layton Kyouju to Mashin no Fue (Professor Layton and the Devil’s Flute), will be released on November 26th in Japan.

fantasy_life-1 fantasy_life-3 fantasy_life-4 fantasy_life-5 fantasy_life-2

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8-bit Trip With LEGO!

I just saw this video today and it’s apparently had many views yet. These guys did some amazing stuff with simple LEGOs and I can’t possibly imagine the time and patience needed to make this. They mention 1,500 hours in the info section…

Check it out!

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Diablo III New Monk Class Reveal!

ss90-hiresBlizzcon 2009 is going down this weekend but it seems Asia got the jump again. A website revealed (leaked?) the fourth class for Diablo III.

The Monk will follow the Barbarian, Witch Doctor and the Wizard and will feature hand to hand combat. The official announcement came with a trailer like for the Wizard class.

It might be just me but it’s the first time I’m disappointed by a Blizzard trailer… The flow is fine but for some reason the graphics look very old generation. The Wizard trailer was much much much better in my book.

In any case any Diablo III news is good news.

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Orioto’s Amazing Game Art

Thanks to Destructoid today I stumbled upon this gorgeous art from Orioto, a Paris-based French artist, Cocorico!

He puts his on spin on various famous games such as Sonic, Mario, Castlevania, Final Fantasy VI, Metroid, Another World, Ecco the Dolphin, Lemmings and more…

Some of this stuff is so gorgeous it’s worth framing in your gameroom.

Bravo Mikael, continue parcequ’on adore!

Another_World_by_Orioto-noscale Big_Blue_by_Orioto-noscale Crystal_Catacomb_by_Orioto-noscale DKC_by_Orioto-noscale Group_Work_by_Orioto-noscale Ice_Climber_by_Orioto-noscale Land_Sorrow_by_Orioto-noscale Lava_Ballad_by_Orioto-noscale Nazca_River_Jungle_by_Orioto-noscale Prisonniere_by_Orioto-noscale Smooth_Criminal_by_Orioto-noscale Speleology__s_Friends_by_Orioto-noscale Stardust_Speedway_by_Orioto-noscale Toxic_Planet_by_Orioto-noscale Up_in_the_sky_by_Orioto-noscale

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New Feature: NostalGeek’s Radio

shoutcastIf you look to the right I’ve added NostalGeek’s Radio. This is basically a broadcast of whatever I’m playing.

It will not be a 24/7 radio, i will mostly play during the week between 9am and 6-7pm. I will play all genres across the board from video games soundtracks to house, hip hop, metal, pop, jazz…. really anything I feel like.

So if you want to check it feel free in between each session of RetroBeats.

Head over to NostalGeek’s Radio.

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Genesis Turns 20!!!!!

Happy birthday old friend!!

It feels like yesterday and yet it was so long ago.


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The Game OverThinker Educates Non-Gamers

Now some of you may already know the Game OverThinker and most of you probably hold everything he mentions in this video as truth. But what i find great about this video is that it is the perfect thing to show anyone who doubts or doesn’t understand video games.

As usual his videos are eloquent and well put out, if a little fast on delivery and with a few curse words. This time though he makes a point, due to his audience for this specific video, to be polite (read PG) and clear in speech.

I recommend anyone to forward this video to anyone who may not have a grasp on the industry we love. Whether they be your parents, girlfriend, wife, mightier-than-thou friend…. spread the word!

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Are Gamers This Young?

Today’s poll on GameFAQs asks a pretty regular question “which classic EA-owned property would you most like to see new games from?

As you can see it’s a pretty normal poll….until you see the results. The question included such classics as Wing Commander, Populous, Ultima… and more than 1/3 said they had never heard of these games!!

So I’m left to wonder if gamers lack this much knowledge about there industry or if everyone who answered today was 12 years old.


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New Wing Commander, Road Rash and More ?

road_rash_profilelargeIn today’s hopeful news we have Electronic Arts which has filed trademarks for four big franchises from the 90’s. Namely Wing Commander, Road Rash, Populous and Theme Park.

Wing Commander and Road Rash were developed internally but Populous and Theme Park were developed by Bullfrog Productions, which was Peter Molyneux’s company before he created Lionhead Studios.

Of course this doesn’t mean anything will happen but we can hope (see possible new X-Wing news for similar dreams). I for one will hope mostly for Wing Commander and Road Rash which used so many of my precious hours on Mega Drive.

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Fallout Online First Concept Art

Project_V13For the little history lesson Fallout was developed by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay. Black Isle Studio closed and several years later Bethesda Softworks grabbed the rights of the series and developed a sequel, at least in spirit, in Fallout 3.

Interplay though still has the rights for the MMORPG Fallout Online (otherwise known as Project V13). Which they will loose on April 4th 2011. So time is of the essence and they have just released the first art for the game.

Not much too feed on so far but it looks nice.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

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