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RetroBeats RPG Tour Year 1 – Dragon Quest Out!


This time I’m taking a look at the other great contender for the biggest RPG franchise: Dragon Quest (know as Dragon Warrior in the U.S.) which was released in 1986 by Enix.

The soundtrack was composed by Koichi Sugiyama. He worked almost only on this series including original versions and symphonic suites but has composed some scores for anime such as Gatchaman and Space Runaway Ideon.

Check it on Retroware TV.

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Next Kojima Game Keeps Teasing….Sort Of

So last week we just got a stormy background and people started speculating that it could be the next Metal Gear game since it had been rumored that Raiden might be the hero of this one and raiden means thunder in Japanese. Good idea but nothing more until recently.

Now the site features a countdown to Thursday 21st at 6:00pm. On a loop you can see a figure flashing which could either be a “5” or an “S”. Feeding the specualtions even more since gamer are praying for a Snatcher 2 game which is highly unlikely but one can hope.

Hideo Kojima has stated numerous time that he would not work on another Metal Gear title but I’m pretty sure come Thursday we will all know otherwise.

Until then let’s hope for Snatcher 2.

MGStease531_screenImage courtesy of GameSpot

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