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NIS Will Distribute Sakura Taisen in the U.S.

20081218saktaivFor more than 10 years now we’ve been waiting for someone to bring us a Sakura Taisen (know in the West as Sakura Wars) game. A decade later most of us were pretty much resigned to at best import the Japanese versions and use thousand of pages of script translation.

Well fear not my friends for the day has come, at last. NIS America (my rapidly becoming #1 developer) has decided to bring Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love (Sakura Taisen V ~ Sarabada, Itoshiki Hito yo) to us unworthy Westerners on the Wii and PS2 this fall.

What makes this even cooler is that as usual with NIS we can expect dual voice-overs. Something which every developer should be doing by default!

Sakura Wars V was….. *drum roll*, the fifth in the series so it’ll be interesting to see if NIS America plans to brings us the other instalments of the series. Please pretty please?

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