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New PSP Go! Coming This Fall

According to the guys at 1Up some info is starting to come out on the new PSP-4000. Of course Sony does not comment on rumors or speculations” but that’s regular procedure so let’s get to it.

A major overhaul of the Sony portable system has been rumored for quite a while and with the recent release of the DSi it would make sense for them to counter the momentum. To that end they have stated that they will unveil the new PSP at E3.

First the name. Several came out such as the PSP Slide, PSP Flip and PSP Go! but it would seem the latter is more probable. Sony has recently announced a series of add-ons including the Go!Cam and the Go!View, so it’s fairly safe to assume that the new portable will be the PSP Go!

The PSP Go! is rumored to have several new features (or lack thereof) and a pretty intense remodeling.
The biggest (and worst for me) is the loss of UMD-Drive. It seems the new PSP will be entirely download based with internal flash memory. Sony will have 100 original PSP titles available at launch. Let’s hope people who already own the UMD version won’t have to pay twice for games at least.
Personally I like to buy my games and have them displayed nicely on a shelf so I really don’t like this trend. Does it mean there will be no more UMDs in stores??

Aside from this the console seems to have the screen slide to reveal the controls (kind of like the Sidekick). Speaking of controls it will feature the classic digital controls and face buttons as well as one analog ‘stick’. a lot of people are complaining for the lack of a second analog controller on the console but hopefully Sony will add it before launch.

The portable console is set to release in September in Japan and sometime between September and November in the U.S.. It will come in two versions, one with 8GB of flash memory and the other with 16GB.

See you at E3 for more info.


Note: This image is a mock-up

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