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Miles Edgeworth Investing U.S. and Europe at Year’s End!

gyakuten_kenji_coverAce Attorney has become quite the cult series lately. Even though the games first came out on the GBA (only in Japan) it’s not until Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney hit the DS and the U.S. that things really started to take off.
Phoenix Wright led for three titles (Ace Attorney, Justice for All and Trial and Tribulations) on both the GBA originally and the DS a few years later.
The series then switched to Apollo Justice which was the first game made for the DS.

Now the new installment is hitting Japan at then end of May, along with a sweet Collector’s Edition and a Bundle, and has been announced for the end fo the year in the West.

In Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, you take the role of the famed prosecutor and you will actually spend time outside of courtrooms investigating crimes.

and now OBJECTION!!! I want this game NOW Capcom!


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