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Final Fantasy XIII Demo Gameplay Footage

final-fantasy-xiii1 recorded footage from the much hyped demo for Final Fantasy XIII that is included in the Advent Children collector edition in Japan. Of course this hit YouTube within 10 minutes!

I have to say that I wasn’t too excited about Final Fantasy XII and the trailer for XIII was ok but nothing thrilling (the one for Versus on the other hand was amazing). So I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Well I am pretty excited now! The demo is impressive to say the least.
The setting looks really nice and very reminiscent of Midgar
The combat lets go of the annoying (to me) active FF XII system and goes back to more oldschool play
The soundtrack sounds really nice as well
The characters look fun (aside maybe from the black guy with the stupid Tweety in his afro…..)

Overall, like I said, I am now eager to see more.
I pray that they give us the original Japanese voices with subtitles otherwise I may have to skip another potentially great game. Onegai!

Here is Part 1 of the first 40 minutes:


April 15, 2009 - Posted by | Video Game News

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