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World of WarCraft Noir – In For a Penny (by Selserene)

A few nights ago I was browsing WoW Movies to see if anything good was on there. Among the mountain of crap ego-driven PvP videos out there you can find a few gems.
Some actually good PvP videos, some fun videos and some…beautiful.

In For a Penny is of the latter. It plays out like a film noir typical of the 50s with an amazing soundtrack (including Bel Canto and Tori Amos among others) that fits the mood to perfection.
The series features this smooth criminal who gets sent to jail after being wrongly accused of murder. A few years later he escapes and tries to figure things out.

The whole thing is obviously in black and white, voiced very well (I’m game for a role) and the whole direction is very impressive.
Selserene created something special here and if you like oldschool noir murder mystery you would do well to check out this series.

If you give this but a few minutes of your time, you will be in for a pound.

You can get the high quality downloads (strongly suggested) through Selserene’s blog or directly on WoW Movies.

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