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RetroBeats Special: Chris Hülsbeck!!


Well guys it’s a big one!!! this we have a special RetroBeats on the amazing Chris Hulsbeck. A huge 17 track session to showcase the range and talent!!
Included are Turrican, Jim Power, Star Wars, Great Giana Sisters and many more.

This session was created to go along a great interview from Benzaie, of That Guy With the Glasses, of the German composer.

Be sure to go check it out on RetrowareTV.

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New PSP Go! Coming This Fall

According to the guys at 1Up some info is starting to come out on the new PSP-4000. Of course Sony does not comment on rumors or speculations” but that’s regular procedure so let’s get to it.

A major overhaul of the Sony portable system has been rumored for quite a while and with the recent release of the DSi it would make sense for them to counter the momentum. To that end they have stated that they will unveil the new PSP at E3.

First the name. Several came out such as the PSP Slide, PSP Flip and PSP Go! but it would seem the latter is more probable. Sony has recently announced a series of add-ons including the Go!Cam and the Go!View, so it’s fairly safe to assume that the new portable will be the PSP Go!

The PSP Go! is rumored to have several new features (or lack thereof) and a pretty intense remodeling.
The biggest (and worst for me) is the loss of UMD-Drive. It seems the new PSP will be entirely download based with internal flash memory. Sony will have 100 original PSP titles available at launch. Let’s hope people who already own the UMD version won’t have to pay twice for games at least.
Personally I like to buy my games and have them displayed nicely on a shelf so I really don’t like this trend. Does it mean there will be no more UMDs in stores??

Aside from this the console seems to have the screen slide to reveal the controls (kind of like the Sidekick). Speaking of controls it will feature the classic digital controls and face buttons as well as one analog ‘stick’. a lot of people are complaining for the lack of a second analog controller on the console but hopefully Sony will add it before launch.

The portable console is set to release in September in Japan and sometime between September and November in the U.S.. It will come in two versions, one with 8GB of flash memory and the other with 16GB.

See you at E3 for more info.


Note: This image is a mock-up

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Miles Edgeworth Investing U.S. and Europe at Year’s End!

gyakuten_kenji_coverAce Attorney has become quite the cult series lately. Even though the games first came out on the GBA (only in Japan) it’s not until Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney hit the DS and the U.S. that things really started to take off.
Phoenix Wright led for three titles (Ace Attorney, Justice for All and Trial and Tribulations) on both the GBA originally and the DS a few years later.
The series then switched to Apollo Justice which was the first game made for the DS.

Now the new installment is hitting Japan at then end of May, along with a sweet Collector’s Edition and a Bundle, and has been announced for the end fo the year in the West.

In Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, you take the role of the famed prosecutor and you will actually spend time outside of courtrooms investigating crimes.

and now OBJECTION!!! I want this game NOW Capcom!


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Simon the Sorcerer V English Screenshots

dz9q3dThe fifth game in the series has already been out in Germany for a while but we now finally have screenshots of the English version which can mean only one thing!

Simon the Sorcerer: Who’d Even Want Contact?! is set to release Internationally this summer amidst an….. alien invasion!!

Classic adventure game fans should keep an eye on this one.

02047296 02047298 02047302 02047304 02047300

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Muramasa: The Demon Blade Gets North American Release!!

oboro_muramasa_youtoudenNow this is exciting! Ever since I saw footage of this game I’ve been hoping it wouldn’t become one of those great Japanese games that never reaches our shore.

Well thankfully Ignition Entertainment picked up publishing rights for the gorgeous Vanillaware (Odin Sphere) title and will be releasing it on the Wii in September 2009.

The game will feature 16:9 display, Wiimote/Nunchuck control as well as Classic Controller and Gamecube Pad support.

Ignition is becoming a publisher to watch having already also picked up the rights for the upcoming King of Fighters XII which should be a great game.

Ore no kachi da!

30 943228_20070921_screen002 jeux-nextgen-nes muramasa2

muramasa1211 muramasa_8097473473 news4_0 oboromuramasayoutoden3

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Diablo Creators Unveal Torchlight

runiclogoThe two Schaefer brothers, Max and Erich (no, not Tim) were the co-founders of Blizzard North and…well we all know what happened to the Diablo franchise.

That being said after leaving Blizzard North and founding Flagship Studios to have more creative freedom, they worked on their new baby which would end up having a very short life. Hellgate: London was a poor commercial success and also had very mixed reviews. Flagship Studios shut down last year and Max and Erich went on to found Runic Games.

Now we finally have two screenshots to see what they are working on. The game is a hack ‘n’ slash (surprise) with a more cartoony art style which may not please everyone but I personally like it. The one thing you may notice is that the color tint looks very VERY similar to some Diablo III screens we have seen.

Torchlight obviously has potential but it bears a heavy legacy. A lot hangs in the balance for the Schaefer brothers to show that they still have the magic touch.



Screenshots courtesy of Runic Games Insider and The Original Runic Games Fansite

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Lionhead to Unveal new IP at E3?

92478337_9dfc57b8e5In a recent interview with Gamespot UK at GDC 2009, the man who needs no introduction a.k.a. Peter Molyneux seemed very excited about a new project and the technology involved with it.
Obviously he didn’t get into details but hinted we might see more soon.

In comes Andrew Lindsay, animation director at Lionhead and a Swansea Metropolitan University student’s Twitter. It gets a bit complicated but basically industry people often got o universities to make speeches and such. So it would seem that Andrew Lindsay went to SMU and talked a bit about their new project, confirming its existence and saying it would be shown at E3.
They also display some tech demo on skin quality, lighting and facial expression.

Apparently both Lionhead and Microsoft are both in “No Comment” mode but the ‘rumor’ seems legit and well E3 is getting that much more exciting!

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Runaway 3 – A Twist of Fate Screenshots

A Twist of Fate is set to be the final installment in the Runaway trilogy that helped relaunch the modern wave of point & clicks on the market. But even though the game is coming out during the 4th quarter of 2009, we still haven’t had much info on the game.

Focus recently released a few new screenshots from the PC version of the game (the game will also be released on the DS) created by Spanish developer Pendulo Studios.
They also announced that in this one you will be playing as both Brian and Ginna throughout the adventure.

02038972 02038974 02038976 02038980

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Exchange Your HD-DVD for Blu Ray for $4.99

To all of you who rushed in and bought a bunch of HD-DVDs only to find out that you had to by a Blu Ray player in the end anyway, Warner Bros. is launching an exchange program that you might be interested in.

You just send in your old HD-DVDs (actually  just the cover so you keep the HD-DVD and box) and pay about $5 plus shipping for each. Then within 4-5 weeks you receive a brand new Blu-Ray version of your movie.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Plus you could binge on cheap bargain bin HD-DVDs and exchange them too 🙂

The selection isn’t huge but still the initiative is pretty cool.


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Obsidian to Make Fallout New Vegas

falloutvegasDuring a press conference in London, Bethesda announced that Obsidian Entertainment is working on a new Fallout set to release in 2010 on Xbox 360, PlayStaion 3 and PC.

Pete Hines said that the games is “not a sequel to Fallout 3 but simply another Fallout game in that universe“. The game will however feature a similar game to Bethesda’s game.

Obsidian Entertainment, formed by former Black Isle Studios employees, developed big-name sequels for BioWare such as Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords and Neverwinter Nights 2 and its add-ons.

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