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Mortal Kombat License Potentially for Sale

midwaybaupd7wyae8g08ss4ggc0w0wobmjlp2zwhi8ko8cgo8wg88ck8th1Chicago-based Midway has been in a heap of troubles for a while now but things are definitely not looking up.  They cut down on 25% on their workforce in December and then more recently filed for Chapter 11.

As a result they laid out plans for what could be the last attempt to salvage the company. the plan includes three options all of which feature rather technical terms that I will spare you from (considering it’s not all that clear to me either) but what you need to know is that one of the options would be the sale of the Mortal Kombat license.

Grim and sad news indeed, especially just around the release of Street Fighter IV. MK Vs. DC didn’t do that well and quite frankly it was probably the last possible salvation for Midway. If they end up selling the license you can be pretty sure that Midway is no more (unless someone decides to buy them outright) because Midway without MK can’t survive.

That being said have said that it is a first draft of a very last resort option so……Finish him!…Friendship?


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