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Naughty Dog Alumns Ready for WiiWare

banner_03For those of you who remember, Naughty Dog released their first breakout game and took the PlayStation world by storm. In 1996 Crash Bandicoot came out and was such a huge success that Crash almost became the console mascot. Since then they created the great Jak and Daxter series and the successful Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for the PS3.

A year and a half ago two former Naughty Dog employees, Jason Hughes and Andrew Gilmour, went on to create Steel Penny Games. Their first game will be called Bruiser & Scratch, a puzzle game that will be available next month on the WiiWare service.

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More Deus Ex 3 Concept Art

Since Eidos confirmed the game fans haven’t had much to feed their hunger but today Kotaku managed to grab two new artworks for the game (courtesy of Gamereactor). The art looks pretty impressive if a little different, the city looks less realistic and more Neo-Noir (in Blade Runner fashion) and you can see some bright sunlight.

The very few plot details revealed talk about a Biotech employee, Adam Jensen, who survives a massacre at his company and goes on to find the answers to all his questions.
Since I love games that take place entirely at night (Deus Ex, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, Max Payne…) i’m not sold on the daylight yet but everything else looks very nice and I can’t wait to see more!

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