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Gears of War Locust Drone Bust!!

Isn’t he cute??

TriForce just announced this puppy to coincide with today’s release of Gears of War 2. This monster (pun intended) bust is on a 1:1 scale at a height of 19″ and weighs 15 pounds!
While it does look a bit scary (isn’t that the point though?) you have to recognize the amazing level of detail on the sculpt which was created by Epic Games art director Chris Perna and painted by Jordu Schell.
Of course for such a high level of details (factor in the Gears hype factor as well) the bust fetches a hefty price of $549.99 (because I’m sure $550 crosses a psychological threshold).

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Atari Confirms Release of Ghostbusters


Who you gonna call?

Apparently a French owned company. Infogrames subsidiary Atari has confirmed that they have secured the Ghostbusters video game which was given a vague release date of 2009. The rumor started after Dan Aykroyd told a radio that Atari was about to sign for publishing rights.

In the wake of the Activision-Blizzard merger several games are left homeless and it seems that Atari is picking up the best choices (Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena)…at least the ones I’m most excited about, as opposed to THQ who picked up the next 50 Cent game.

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