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Monday August 11, 2008

Star Trek Online Trailer Released

Following the release of several screenshots two weeks ago, Cryptic Studios finally showed some movement in the game’s first trailer. The final frontier is getting closer and hopefully we will get to see some gameplay footage soon.

LEGO Donkey Kong

No Traveller’s Tales isn’t making a game based on the franchise but this is pretty cool nonetheless. so enjoy!

Flagship Studios Becomes Runic Games

A short while ago I mentioned that Flagship Studios was on the verge of closing down. Well they did and some of their former employees went on to form Runic Games. At the head will be Max Schaefer who was part of Blizzard North and founded Flagship Studios, helping him is Travis Baldree who is spearheading the Mythos project, which seems to hint that the game is not dead and buried.
What confuses me is why they would shut down one studio to create another to make the exact same thing! I must be missing a business or financial (read tax) incentive.

Medal of Honor Heading to Afghanistan

Electronic Arts has announced that the next MoH is going to take place in 2002 as the Anaconda mission is taking place. The mission involves tracking the Talibans in the mountains North of the country but as their helicopter crashes you are sent to save any potential survivors.
I suppose the success of Call of Duty helped with the decision process.

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