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E3 2008 – Nintendo Press Conference Summary

E3 2008

E3 2008

This morning Nintendo held their press conference and amongst all the smiles there were several interesting tidbits.

  • Animal Crossing: City Folks was confirmed for the Wii with the Wii Speak feature announced. It will allow you to gather and chat with your friends in game while you partake in activities like fishing. The features sounds fun and the game looks really nice.
  • One of the big announcements at the conference was the Wii Motion Plus, which is a somewhat small square piece of hardware that you plug in the back of your Wiimote and enhances the sensitivity of the sensors. It looks quite promising but we’ll have the wait for more tests to be sure.
  • The release date of November 2 2008 for Pokemon Ranger on DS was announced and GTA Chinatown Wars was announced also for the DS (but no release date).
  • Wii Sports Resort was announced as well as Wii Music. Sports looks like an extension of the original so nothing special. Wii Music on the other hand looks interesting. In Miyamoto fashion it seems very intuitive and you basically just press buttons any way you want to produce seemingly pre-recorded music. While it looks fun and easy to use, the novelty effect might wear off quickly if the music database is lacking so we’ll wait for more details.

All in all, I thought the Nintendo conference was a bit underwhelming. No big announcement (where is Kid Icarus??). There were a few forced joked which fell flat and a few uneasy silent after “big” announcements (like in the Microsoft Conference). Hopefully the Wiimote extension, Animal Crossing and Wii Music will deliver.

You can watch the full coverage of the conference here.


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